My name is Malte Rosenbjerg. I love designing software solutions to all sorts of problems and I love the open-source community

You can find me at GitHub, LinkedIn, or send me an email. I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University and I am currently studying for a candidates degree in Software Engineering, also at Aalborg University. For the time being I find programming language design, and how different paradigms influence the solutions and performance very interesting

In my sparetime I enjoy working on all sorts of different projects, such as software libraries, web-apps, tools for processing data or some Arduino project. You can check some of the stuff out here:


A .NET Standard library that provides an easy way to develop backend servers in C#, with an API inspired by express.js - neat and concise. It is built on top of ASP.NET Core with Kestrel, and supports express.js-style middleware and ASP.NET Core middleware. Check it out here, at GitHub or NuGet


Minimalist blogging platform and alternative to ghost using Handlebars and Markdown/CommonMark. Check it out here or at GitHub


A self-hosted password manager with client-side AES256 encryption. You can easily host it yourself and share it securely with friends and family and never gain access to their stuff! You can check it out at GitHub. MyPass is created in collaboration with Charlie Byrdam


A temporary file hosting site, for when you want to send a file to someone, but doesn’t want it to stay at some server forever. 10min.host makes this very straight-forward by allowing you to quickly and easily upload a file, send the download link to whoever. The file is then deleted from the server after 10 minutes


A .NET library for creating validators for IFormCollection’s and IQueryCollection using a fluent API. Check it out at GitHub or NuGet


A simple tray-application that you can use to quickly open a YouTube video in VLC media player, in high quality. Can use all the quality options available for a YouTube video, not just 720p as VLC directly supports opening. Check it out at GitHub


A DSL for creating simple point-and-click adventures that can be experienced in a browser. It comes with an electron player and an electron editor with syntax highlighting. You can find here at GitHub. The lexer and parser was created using PEG.js


A simple tool for writing bibtex bibliographies for LaTex with a more pleasant and easy-to-read syntax. nbib is implemented as a DSL using PEG.js. You can find the tool and more information about it at GitHub


Unity F# integration, AChat, Shoppinglist, Water, JsT, ModalsJs

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